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I am Tax Consultant in the Field of Accounting and Taxation matters having very vast experience since 1981. I started this Professional service from 1976 with a Job in LALBHAI Group of Company i.e. Arvind Mills Ltd, Ahmedabad from 1975 to 1989 besides of this I have develop my self with a Hobby to Achieve certain Goal in my life and my Guru Mr. M.D.Mehta – Chartered Accountant has trained me in a way and resulting that I learned everything manually accounting with Auditing Procedures perfectly. From 1977 to 1989 I worked as a Chief Accountant with LALBHAI EXPORTS LIMITED, there I build up my carrier, simultaneously I have made my Separate Entity in the field of Accounting on Manual System by hiring person on Jobwork basis.

From 2005, My son has completed his Education, Join my hand and We started Accounting work on Tally Accounting Software. Gradually he grasp all the Function of Accounting Systems alongwith E-Filing Systems for All the Returns.

Initially we have started this Activity from Home and develop our Goodwill in the Market giving all Tax Related Services to our Customers. From home to Commercial Center at Panigate, Vadodara we have organized our firm namely - J. B. ACCOUNTING SERVICE since 2008.