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We Are Providing  Following  Services   :

  1. Registration Procedure for VAT.
  2. Advise on VAT  Act.
  3. Filing of VAT E-Returns in Time.
  4. Advise on VAT Payment.
  5. Updating the Clients from Various Notifications and Circulars regarding VAT.
  6. Advise on Applicability of VAT Act, Payment of VAT , Interpretation of Various Sections, Notifications, Clarifications, Circulars, Rules etc issued by the Department.
  7. Representation before Tax Authorities at the time of Assessment / Appeal Proceedings.
  8. Handling the case with the Department, which include Filing of Returns, Liasoning with Department, Appeal or Legal Requirement with the Department.

Applicability of VAT in Gujarat :-
In Gujarat, VAT registration is mandatory for all dealers having a total turnover of more than Rs.5,00,000 and/or having taxable turnover of Rs.10,000 or more. In addition, Gujarat VAT Registration in mandatory for all dealers who must be registered under the Central Sales Tax (CST) Act or having a total turnover in the first year that exceeds the threshold turnover for registration. Further, casual dealers and auctioneers having a taxable turnover of over Rs.10,000 are also required to obtain Gujarat VAT Registration. Any other person wishing to start a business in the state of Gujarat may also obtain Gujarat VAT registration voluntarily.

Gujarat VAT Tax Rates
The Gujarat VAT Tax Rates are dependent on the nature of transaction and the type of goods sold/transferred. Broadly, the tax rates can be divided into three parts based on the Schedule of taxes in Gujarat as follows:
Schedule 1 –     VAT Tax Exempt Goods – (Eg: Aids for handicapped persons, books, periodicals and journals, eggs, electricity, etc.,)
Schedule 2 –     Various VAT Tax Rates depending on the type of goods (Eg: Bicycles, cotton, honey, IT equipments, papers, plant and machinery, etc.,)
Schedule 3 –     Various VAT Tax Rates covering sale of Aviation Fuel, High Speed Diesel Oil and Motor Spirits.

In the state of Gujarat, sale of goods to the Developer or Co-developer of a Special Economic Zone or sales of goods to an undertaking in a Special Economic Zone or export sales is exempt from VAT tax.

Gujarat VAT Return Filing
In Gujarat, dealers having a VAT payment of more than Rs.60,000 in the current or previous year, importers, exporters, dealers of Schedule III goods, dealers enjoying deferment or exemption, dealers in SEZs and dealers having refunds or remission under section 40 or 41 must file monthly Gujarat VAT returns. Those dealers having permission to lump sum tax and those dealers who do not have vat tax of Rs.60,000 or more are allowed to file quarterly returns. In addition to the monthly or quarterly returns, the dealer must furnish an annual return by way of assessment by June 30, if annual turnover is less than Rs. 1 crore or by December 31st, if annual turnover is over Rs.1 crore. Gujarat VAT Return filing can be done through http://www.commercialtax.gujarat.gov.in website.

Gujarat VAT Payment Due Date
Gujarat VAT payments must be made within 22 days from the end of the month or quarter in which the VAT Return is filed. Only those dealers dealing in Goods listed under Schedule 3 must make their VAT payment within 12 days from the end of the month.